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A career at Lon & n involves stepping into the world stage, helping to design strategies for Fortune 100 and other companies and individuals across the globe. For a law graduate, it means progressing out of the ordinary legal career path and becoming a Global Counsel. Because our focus is on high-end, knowledge-based services, such as sophisticated legal research, analysis, and drafting, it means rigorous training by top-caliber Western attorneys, which is often better than the training provided by expensive Western law schools. Whether you are an attorney or not, a career at Lon & n means working in a friendly, supportive environment, in a state-of-the-art building, with colleagues who are among the best and brightest in the fast-growing field of high-end, knowledge-based outsourcing.

We have comprehensive funding from Rajshree Funds. Ltd., a member of the Resourse Funds Group, a large Asia-based investor. We also have funding from investors from ARD Advisories, Kemns Fentch and Prague xenon. We are approved by the Government of India (STPI) trough Marshal soft as an IT-Enabled Services company, and we have the additional support of a large debt facility from State Bank of India, the country’s largest and oldest public sector bank.

At our organisation, we are handling some of the most high-profile media, entertainment, and intellectual property litigations and other matters. We provide professional solutions, by leveraging information technology and a high-quality workforce for clients worldwide. Lon & n is solving one of the most pressing problems of today's businesses, namely, the inefficiencies of having legal work done in locations that often are among the most expensive, and the least productive.

Career Progression

Career progression at Lon & n is about taking the next step that is right for you. We appreciate that career progression means different things to different people. It may be that you want to become a partner by the time you are 30 or reach management level before taking a career break. Alternatively, you may want to work abroad or be the client lead on a large project.

There are countless ways in which you can develop your career at Lon & n. You will need to be proactive to spot new opportunities and decide your career path but whichever direction you take, you will receive a huge amount of encouragement and support. For example, you could take advantage of our strong coaching culture and meet with a Lon & n mentor or career coach to discuss your ambitions and receive practical support and advice. Dialogue, our global appraisal system, is a way for you to state your career aspirations and discuss with your manager how you are going to achieve your goals.


Career Mobility

Change extends your horizons. It gives you a fresh perspective and the opportunity to learn from others. That's why we make it easy for you to move around at Lon & n — both between member firms and different functions.

There may also be opportunities for you to go on to other client or organization.

International opportunities range from short term assignments of just three months to long term assignments of two to three years or even a permanent move. If you decide to move across service areas, you will probably also move on a permanent basis. We'll give you all the help you need to adjust to your new role, from help with relocation costs to mentoring support. This allows you to get the most out of your new experience, whether that means working with different types of clients, learning about a new industry or simply settling into a new culture and way of life.


Work placement

Work placements helps you find out if a career in professional services is suited to you and give you an understanding of our business, our firms' clients, our people and our culture.
Combined with the opportunity to gain real commercial skills and have direct client contact, a work placement is a fantastic way to experience the business world.

On a work placement, you can expect to enjoy the same high level of attention we give all our staff including mentoring support and feedback from a performance manager. You will be learning from day one, discovering what it is like to be part of a professional team and exploring what areas are best suited to your skills and aspirations. You may also have the opportunity to join in a community activity with your new colleagues and you will definitely have plenty of opportunity to socialize. Work placements vary from country to country and range from short term placements during university vacation time to year long placements. Some member firms also run an international program. This is a six-to-eight week internship designed to give students a real insight into the global business environment. Please visit the website of the country you are interested in working in to see what they offer.

We welcome your job application for any of the openings listed below. Please follow the instructions provided at the bottom of this page.



University Degree
Total fluency in English writing and speaking
Excellent computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheets, email, web-browsing, etc.
Excellent internet research skills
Ability to type English quickly and accurately
U.S.-LICENSED CORPORATE ATTORNEYS: We are looking for entrepreneurial-minded corporate lawyers who are interested in moving beyond their desk jobs and expanding their horizons to help us take the lead in the offshoring of corporate legal services for Fortune 500 clients and others. Positions will involve travel to India and other countries, and recruitment, training, management, and marketing of overseas attorneys. Must be skilled and experienced in such areas as commercial and financial transactions, stock/asset purchase agreements, stock options, employment agreements, commercial leases, licensing agreements, and corporate due diligence requirements.
U.S.-LICENSED LITIGATORS: We are recruiting seasoned, entrepreneurial-minded litigators in the U.S. who want to expand their horizons to help us take the lead in the offshoring of high-end litigation work for Fortune 500 clients and others. Positions will involve travel to India and other countries, and recruitment, training, management, and marketing of overseas attorneys. Must be skilled and experienced in all facets of State and Federal trial and pre-trial litigation. Must have at least 5 years of experience in managing and marketing a litigation practice in the U.S.
LITIGATION SUPPORT ATTORNEYS: We need law graduates and attorneys to handle legal research and drafting for prominent U.S. and British corporations and individuals in the areas of intellectual property, media defense, entertainment law, and commercial litigation. Extensive experience in doing this work is a strong plus, but not essential. An excellent ability to write and speak in English, a positive attitude, and an eagerness not only to learn, but also to excel, are however, absolute musts.

Excellent legal research and analytical skills are also essential.
CONTRACT LAW ATTORNEYS: We need law graduates and attorneys to review and draft commercial and other contracts for U.S. and British corporations and individuals. Experience in doing such contract work, at least for Indian companies and individuals, is a must. Experience with U.S. and U.K. contracts is even better. An excellent ability to write and speak in English, a positive attitude, and an eagerness not only to learn, but also to excel, are however, absolute musts. Excellent legal analytical skills are also essential.
IP REGISTRATION SPECIALISTS: We are looking for attorneys already well-trained and experienced in copyright and trademark registration and docketing tasks, to work in our IP department on behalf of media, entertainment and other companies, including members of the Fortune 100. Experience and training in registration and docketing matters is a plus, but we are willing and ready to send excellent recruits to New York for temporary on-site training.
IPR ENFORCEMENT MANAGERS AND INVESTIGATORS: We are looking for stellar law and other university graduates who have had at least two years of successful experience in managing and enforcing intellectual property rights in India, to work in our IPR department for some of the most well-known retail brands in the world, including U.S.-based Fortune 100 companies. You must be self-motivated, with experience in creative problem-solving and working well with superiors and subordinates. You must be organized, responsible, and detail-oriented. Excellent written and spoken English skills are a must.
ACCOUNTS MANAGERS: We need experienced accounts managers to manage the books of U.S. law firms and other companies, including expenses, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, etc. In addition to a university degree, candidates must have substantial experience in managing accounting functions such as finalization of books of accounts, preparation of quarterly reports to both state and federal agencies, as well as statutory and regulatory bodies, etc., and a good working knowledge of U.S. bookkeeping methods and the latest software.
HR OFFICERS AND MANAGERS: We are looking for stellar university post graduates who have substantial successful experience as an HR Manager or HR Officer for one or more MNCs in the LPO, BPO,and KPO sectors, to perform all of the usual HR duties for a large company in India. Good command over all legal requirements, PF and ESI regulations/requirements, understanding of processes and procedures to file various regulatory and statutory filings with appropriate bodies, etc., are a must.
SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATORS: We need experienced systems/network administrators who can handle hundreds of state-of-the-art workstations and multiple networks. Must be totally proficient with Linux and Cisco Systems networking (RHCE and CCNA/CCNP). Also should have hands-on experience with SAMBA, mail softwares, IP-tables, VPN, routing, monitoring tools, RAID, firewall administration, V-Ian, and state-of-the-art security systems. Candidates should be willing to work on shifts as needed. Need to have an engineering degree (3 years or above).
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