Legal Process Outsourcing

The legal system, be it in India, the US, UK or anywhere else in the world is a potential minefield of legal complexities and problems. It takes expert minds and extremely professional hands to competently handle it. It is our firm belief that legal paperwork and procedures can only be accomplished through professionals well versed in this field.

Lon & n provide law firms and in-house legal departments with legal support services such as legal research and writing, summarization of deposition transcripts, drafting of memoranda, Due Diligence, pre-litigation support, preparation of trial and appellate-level pleadings and briefs, contract review, document review, discovery and patent services - quickly, efficiently, with confidentiality and at a very affordable price.

Legal research and writing

Lon & n experienced attorneys prepare a legal memorandum on any legal issue. Lon & n attorneys provide quick turnaround times and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Document Review / Due Diligence Lon & n review, organize, code and synopsize your scanned documents in preparation for litigation or in connection with due diligence for a business transaction.

Deposition Summaries
Lon & n’s deposition summaries are comprehensive, accurate, and clear. Prepared by experienced attorneys and paralegals, our work is precise. We reduce testimony to facts, give a record of key events and actions and eliminate extraneous information. Lon &n would meet the deadline of the assigned job.

Preparation of pleadings
Lon & n is experienced in drafting high quality and accurate trial and appellate briefs. With years of experience in advocacy in the highest courts, our attorneys are skilled at drafting comprehensive briefs on any legal issues.

Lon & n’s services include assisting with any of the pre-litigation discovery issues, drafting discovery requests and responses With experience in the complexities of commercial and criminal litigation and would provide thorough and accurate organization and analysis of both hard and soft data.

Patent Services and contracts are also a part of Lon & n’s valuable service

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