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Litigation practice

(a) Corporate litigation: Lon&n's extensive corporate practice has resulted in Lon & n’s spearheading some hard fought corporate control battles in India over the last two decades. Lon & n offers the benefit of a law firm that offers corporate advice and at the same time has substantial skills in strategizing and managing ‘control' battles in and out of court including board control and management, orchestration of concerted shareholders action, institution of selective litigation in furtherance of corporate objectives and the holistic and seamless management of corporate and litigation activity in a hostile environment. Lon & n has the ability to bring together the shareholder, elements of the company and the Indian legal and regulatory environment in furtherance of specified objectives.
In any hostile control environment, Lon & n has capability in:

  • Establishment of an appropriate strategy to secure control of a company on behalf of a client.
  • Supporting the management of a board environment where rival parties are at issue.
  • Orchestrating shareholder activity, public or private, to secure defined corporate control objectives.
  • Securing client advantage through the creation of an internal company environment.
  • Management of the Employee and Union constituencies in their impact on company control battles.
  • Assisting in the formulation of an appropriate public relations strategy, where such is appropriate.
  • Initiating and resisting boardroom maneuvers as strategy may dictate.
  • Securing legitimate regulatory intervention, where such is advised.
  • Instituting and defending corporate ‘control' litigation emerging from Shareholder and Board disputes including acquisition and exit related litigation in all forums including the Company Law Board.

    (b) Hostile Board Representation : It is intrinsic to our corporate litigation practice that we accept board representation as part of strategy and employ this tool to secure corporate control. We have successfully implemented such strategies without becoming embroiled in conflict of interest issues.

    (c) General civil and criminal litigation : Lon & n offers a full feature civil and criminal trial and appellate practice service to all its corporate clients as part of its ‘one stop shop' personal philosophy. Lon & n has wide experience in:

  • Arbitration, domestic and international, including arbitrations under ICC, LCIA, IMAL and UNCITRAL rules.
  • General civil and commercial litigation throughout the country at all levels, original and appellate – Supreme Court of India, State High Courts, lower courts, and adjudicating tribunals.
  • Select corporate criminal litigation including specifically corporate frauds and tort liability.
  • Property and Real Estate litigation.
  • Labor and Employee litigation.
  • Government contracts.
  • Defamation, privacy and personal injury claims.
  • Product Liability claims.
  • Liability claims made against accounting firms.
  • Antitrust law and consumer protection actions.

    (d) Government Enforcement Litigation: Lon & n's extensive corporate practice has inevitably resulted in the acquisition of experience in Government initiated enforcement litigation of the widest spectrum under all applicable statutes and regulations. We have extensive experience of defending litigation initiated under the Companies Act, under the foreign exchange management regime, securities regulations (SEBI), industrial regulation statutes, human resource and labor protection statutes, and under municipal and local laws. As a matter of course, Lon & n practices extensively before specialty tribunals, enforcement officers, assessing officers, appellate tribunals, civil and company courts.

    (e) Indirect taxes: Lon & n has an extensive practice dealing specifically with the revenue regime facing its Indian clients and the Indian subsidiaries of its overseas clients. Lon & n has specifically handled a wide variety of matters relating to Excise Duty, Central and State Sales Tax, Works Contract Tax, Service Tax and Customs Duties. Lon & n appears in all forums and in any part of the country and at all levels. We have appeared before adjudicating officials, before revenue tribunals, before High Courts and before the Supreme Court of India. We have an impeccable track record of resisting additional revenue claims and have extensive skills in developing strategies to combat predatory revenue law procedures.


    Entertainment and sports Law

    Lon & n practice includes work in the areas of copyright, trademark, contract, multimedia law, intellectual property, and book publishing. Lon & n also functions as a Producer's Rep, assisting filmmakers in the marketing and distribution of their films. Lon & n filmmaker clients have had award winning films in Cannes, Toronto, Telluride and other festivals. At Lon & n experts usually advice the Celebrities, Flim societies, Broadcasters, Sports Contracts, Sports persons, Actors, Producers, Film makers,Radio Artists, Movie technicians and there associations on how to make shrewd business decisions and protect their interests in negotiations with production and distribution companies.

    Lon & n Instruction covers how to anticipate problems before they arise and how to encourage other parties to live up to their contractual obligations through performance incentives, default penalties, and arbitration. In the event of a dispute, Lon & n advises the remedies available to enforce the rights, customary terms of contracts; negotiating tactics and strategies; properly securing rights to the work and to avoid being sued for copyright infringement, defamation, or invasion of privacy.

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