Lon & n has developed technologies to procure the day to day needs of legal fraternity by introducing equipments which would cater the office requirements seamlessly and to conduct service safety with less efforts.

  • LEGAL SOFT: A independent unit which offers an extensive range of software solutions to cater the requirements of legal firms by understanding their needs to minimize risk and maximize the value of their investment and an E-Litigation advisor who stands as a consultant to various departments on Paperless Court System.

  • Bizcard Finder: Your business contacts manager (Indian Algorithm)
    Which is an Ultra-compact business card scanner inputs, retrieves and manages business cards easily. With 95% OCR accuracy and 90% application accuracy, it is indeed a valuable business asset. Which requires no batteries and external power.
  • Port-A-Scan: A power card free, compact, high-performance scanner for documents upto A4-size which operates by using USB interface for power and communication with computer. It also organizes documents, photos, articles, brochures and business cards in your office or on the move.
  • Info Scan: Scans upto 1000 pages of printed text, in simple strokes any time anywhere. Then transfers it all scanlessly to your Windows applications at leisure.
  • E-PEN: A pen that captures on the PC/Laptop user-written notes in any language and also sketches converting them to ASCI content automatically. Which means you can refer, store, insert or e-mail it anytime, anywhere. It’s dynamic annotation feature allows online annotation into any MS Office document or presentation. Making it an indispensable tool for the corporate climber.
  • Mp3 Pen with Voice Recording: The “Power Pen”. Good things come in small packages. Well, that’s sure the case with this little beauty which serves as the ultimate office accessory! The Multi-function Pen is one of the most compact and convenient ultra-stylish ball point ink pen and an all-in-one MP3 player. Ecconomically styled and loaded with features, it also comes with a high quality Digital-Voice Recorder and a portable back-up device crammed into its shapely waistline.
  • Daily Life: A store which provides wide range of the Legal research Materials / Publications, latest stationery materials in the international Market and Clothings gears like imported suits, Gowns, Bands, Cufflinks, shoes etc.
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